Netpursual is a very flexible Internet Search Engine with millions of very popular active Web sites indexed. Netpursual not only utilize its own database tables for search results, it has the ability to give you high quality mix search results from various sources such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This flexability gives you a far better search results than getting search results from just a single source. Netpursual automatically removes duplicate results from searches before displaying the final results in the browser; so you get the exact results you are actually interested in.

People searching the Internet benefit by having their search results include Web sites with more up-to-date information about products, services and content; fewer dead links on the visited Web sites; more search results from Web sites that are maintained on a regular basis and better feedback from inquiries sent to the Web site by those people who are searching. It has its own spiders which visit Web sites daily that are submitted by Webmasters, and crawlers that index other popular Web sites on the Internet. It will make sure that the search results delivered to you are always updated frequently as the time interval expires. The Spider will always find the best matched results available in the database for the given keywords.

Netpursual searches its own database tables and create results in any format you want. It is feature rich and powerful. It provides you with the most popular searches on the net, including but not limited to Audio, Blog, Dictionary, Forum, Images, Kids, News, PDF, Sports, Video, Web, and Wiki. Any one of these engines can be disabled or enabled at any time. Netpursual is user friendly and customizable. It allows you to choose your desired language (fourteen languages by default) and your desired style in which you want to see your search results. You have the ability to email your friends links to important searches. In order to speed up the search query, Netpursual caches the results into the database for a specific period of time to provde instant search results for popular keywords.

It uses its Query Analyser to check the database for a result cache upon a search query. If it finds a result there, it will immediately get the results back to you. If a pre-calculated recent result is not available already, the 'result generator' will quickly identify and generate the results from the pages crawled, store in cache database, and send back to you. Netpursual allows you to conduct advanced search based on your special criteria. Search can be done for an exact phrase, in a specific domain, by excluding a particular domain or excluding a particular word.

Even though Netpursual delivers family safe results most of the times, we additionally have a bad word filter feature that takes the bad keywords and stripped them out from the searches before delivering the results. Netpursual allows visitors to register into the Web site and perform some specific tasks related to search engine such as starring, categorization, and result commenting. It allows you to post comments for each result so other users can view these comments when they are searching and they can also post comments if they are members. You can also post comments for the domain where the result is pointing to optionally. Netpursual operates secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection. We have security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your user data. Only senior level employees have access to the information you provide us.

Netpursual provides image search. Its crawler will crawl images from the added domains while crawling the HTML pages and it tags various keywords and other parameters related to the images. The spider saves a thumbshot of the image in the database. Netpursual determines a page rank for each page it crawls based on many factors like incoming/outgoing links, page depth, domain priority etc. Netpursual offers API keys to authorize/sell search data access to external parties. You may also view the statistics based on API keys which helps you to track the search history and performance from each API key.